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      Last modified date and time is an attribute of file or folder that indicates on the file systems level when the file or folder was modified last time. When the files contents are modified and saved, last modified date and time stamp is set to correspond with the time of changes done. The purpose of this attribute is to show when the last changes of file or folder were done.
      Like all file attributes last modified date and time is recorded in file system in addition to file, not in the file contents. This file systems level date and time file property does not interfere with the time and date stamps that are stored in the file itself. Various programs put their own date and time records in the file contents or meta-tags like Microsoft Office products and other software. Virtually there might be a file format which at the file content level presupposes infinite number of file dates and times fixed, yet there is only one last modified date and time attribute at the file systems level per file.

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Key Features:
  • Modify file date directily by set date and time.
  • Modify file date by plus or minus year,month,day,hour,minute,second separately.
  • Modify file date by copy from other properties.
  • Modify file date by copy properties from other files with the same name.

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